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When CrabbyCancerMan received his second diagnosis, I was overwhelmed.  My work was kind enough to offer me a leave of absence to take care of my dear husband, which I gladly accepted.  None of us knew that he would be actively in treatment for so long, and that even now it continues with no end in sight.  After many months away, it is time for me to return.  I’m happy to do so – I have missed my colleagues, my staff, my community, and the work itself.  However, I find myself with barely a moment in the day – being a caregiver is a full time job, as is, well, my job.

Managing time is part of my job, and I’ve received several inspirational e-mail forwards reminding me of the value of a moment.  With every appointment weighing on me, every minute scheduled, I have never felt this so keenly.

I’m so aware of time, sometimes I just want to pass out.

But, like Dori in “Finding Nemo,” I keep saying to myself “Just keep swimming.”   But what do you do when you don’t even have time to put on a bathing suit?

For those of you who feel the pressure of every moment as I do, I share with you my list of what to do if you have some time to steal for yourself.

If you have a second, take a breath.

If you have two seconds, smile and take a breath.

If you have five seconds, take a deep breath.

If you have a minute, close your eyes.

If you have five minutes, listen to a great song.

If you have ten minutes, enjoy a cup of tea.

If you have a half hour, read a chapter of a frivolous book.

If you have an hour, enjoy a meal.

If you have two hours, take a nap.

If you have an afternoon, sneak out to a matinee.

If you have an evening, enjoy a cocktail.

If you have a night, take a bubble bath.

If you have a weekend, get out of town.

What is your favorite way to steal moments for yourself?