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Dolly Levy famously told us all in the form of song to “Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out.” While I have always taken this piece of advice to heart (you will rarely see me in sweats unless I am feeling great, and if you see me fully decked out without a good reason, I’m probably compensating), recently I’ve decided to take it to the next level.

You see, CrabbyCancerMan is going back in for more. More drugs, more tests. More chemo, more radiation. Needless to say, he’s dreading it.

A dear friend of ours used to dress in full blown formal wear for her chemo treatments. It started as an accident when she had a not to be missed formal event starting only an hour after her treatment. Rather than arrive late, she decided to get ready early and arrive to the infusion suite fully decked out. She had worried for just a second that some might find it crass or thoughtless, but she figured that if she was called out on it, she would explain, and anyone would understand.

In fact, the response was quite the opposite. By going fully decked out, she made the experience better for everyone. Other patients smiled just to look at her, the nurses seemed more happily chatty, and she said that she found herself not minding as much. No one loves chemo, but this took the sting out a bit. Of course, it helps that she is quite the looker, but she would tell you that is besides the point. She looked good, so she felt a bit better.

With this in mind, I decided to undertake a project. From hence forth, chemo days are now fancy panty days in the CrabbyCancer household. I am not saving them for a “special occasion.” Life is the special occasion. If he has to suffer the chemical slings and arrows, at least I can be the pin-up in his locker.