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If Cancer Was a Person

A poem
By me

If cancer was a person
I would punch it in the teeth
I would grab it by the shoulders
And shake it like a leaf.

I wouldn’t let it sit at my table
I would never buy it a drink
If I found cancer drowning,
I’d be inclined to let it sink.

If cancer was a person
It would be on the lam
Running from the crimes it committed
As far away as it can

And Dog the Bounty Hunter
Would be hot on his tail
And would not show any mercy
To get cancer’s ass in jail.

They’d give cancer the maximum
Without hope of parole
The other inmates would team up
To throw him in “the hole.”

But cancer is not a person
So it has no gut punch to endure
I take my solace in working together
Until we find a cure!