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I have a whole lot of cranky in me right now, and before I spew forth the snark that wants to come from my brain, I am going to share some links, because that is way more productive than screaming at the top of my lungs “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”

I haven’t done more than a survey reading of these, but they seem useful for that “sometime in the first two weeks that you’re dealing with this” time.  They are very sweet, and sincere, and very general.  Now that I’m further along in this journey, and I am crabby, they make me want to stab someone in the eye for all of their earnestness, but I stop myself, because 1) stabbing someone in the eye is mean and 2) they do have some useful tips in there.  Like find a good stress reliever that is not hitting someone (which would be my tip, not theirs – they have much nicer ways of saying that).

Caregiving for your Loved One with Cancer

51 Secrets Every Cancer Caregiver Needs to Know

Long Distance Caregiver Success Secrets

Supporting a Friend Who Has Cancer

Caregiving from Cancer.net

MrAwesome and I have also been working on our own document, because while these are good, there is still stuff that you need to know right away (like who needs to be told first outside of your family and work, and what paperwork should be filed, and how to organize insurance documents and such), and I only knew because MrAwesome and Coach-ette told me.  So as soon as it’s ready, I’ll post a link to that (and if you want it sooner because you are going through this, and for that you have my sympathy, e-mail me directly).

And finally, because this is how I’m feeling: duck stampeed.

Okay, now that I’ve been somewhat helpful to the world, I feel that I can snark with wild abandon.