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Today, something crappy happened.  It wasn’t a big crappy, it was a run of the mill, super annoying, GAHHH kind of crappy.  Except, as is wont to happen when you’re dealing with cancer, the crappy enacted a domino sequence that creates just a little more stress in a life which is already full of it.

What happened?  Simple as this:

Back in December, we bought a beautiful new refrigerator.  French door, energy star, bottom freezer – all of that happy.  We researched, we saved, we scouted, and eventually bought it at Sears because they have the best warranty, right?  Right.  So we buy the fridge, and now, in August, the ice maker breaks.  But it doesn’t just break, it breaks in a way that keeps our freezer door from closing properly, and thereby keeps the items in the freezer from remaining frozen.  Which is annoying in and of itself, except here’s the added cancer-twist.  Guess what CrabbyCancerMan is mostly eating these days?  You guessed it – ice cream and italian ice.  Both of which need to remain frozen to be enjoyed properly.

Now, yes, he can eat yogurt and pudding, and yes, he can have soup.  And he’s working on less soft solids, like fish and pasta.  But for the moment, ice cream and italian ice are the go-to foods.

So I call Sears, and they are happy to send out a repair person.  Is Monday okay?  Why yes, Monday would be lovely.  Between 1-5, got it.  So we’re at home, we wait.  CrabbyCancerMan is eagerly awaiting the chance to eat the treat that soothes his throat. We have visions of home-made gelato dancing in our heads.

And then we get the call. Or rather, we miss the call.  “Please call this number to confirm your appointment.”  Huh?  Well, okay.  So as soon as I get the message, I call.  “We’re sorry, the repair person was over scheduled, we can’t come out until Saturday.”  I calmly explain the situation, and is there any way they can come out before Saturday?  No.  I speak to a manager.  Still no.

Here is the thing – I am not a monster.  I did not scream, I did not rant.  I calmly asked for other options, and was given none.  That is my problem with Sears #1.

And the reality is, I am sure we can create a rotation of friends to come over each day this week and bring over some ice cream (operators are standing by).  CrabbyCancerMan can still eat other things, it isn’t required that it be frozen.  It just really helps.  Does the man need to suffer more than he already has?  And if I’m getting bumped, (problem #2 with Sears), why can’t they just come out early tomorrow morning?  Or bump the person tomorrow morning? (I have the answer to that – because upsetting one person is cheaper than angering six)

And why are they over booking to begin with (problem with Sears #3)?  There are lots of people out there looking for jobs.  They seem to be doing okay, so couldn’t they hire one or two more people and not over book their days?

I posted on twitter how pissed off I am at Sears.  They immediately replied offering to fix the situation.  Immediately meaning tomorrow morning.

I really hope this story has a happy ending.

In the meantime, I’m heading over to Baskin-Robbins.

UPDATE 8.10.2011:  Through the magic of social media, someone from Sears called me, deeply concerned about our current plight, and wondering what they could do to help.  The obvious answer is “fix my freezer!!!”  Through some maneuvering, we now have a service call for tomorrow between 1pm and 5pm.  I won’t really believe it until I see it, but for the moment, I am no longer on a murderous rampage.

UPDATE 8.11.2011:  Issue resolved, with sincere apologies for the delay, and well wishes for CrabbyCancerMan’s health all around.  Now he can eat his ice cream whenever he wants it (and hopefully pick up some of those calories he lost).