There is lots of great information on the internet.  Resources, graphs, commentary.  And every once in a while you find someone who can sum up what you’re feeling in 3 precise panels.

On Friday, we met with the Radiation Oncologist, hereby known as IronDoc.  This is a man who oozes confidence in a fantastically non-smarmy way.  He’s been with us since then beginning, and while doing a great job of showing optimism, he is also known for being pragmatic.

So we met with IronDoc, and learned that the cancerhog saw his shadow. Even with surgery, IronDoc told us, the recommendation is that CrabbyCancerMan should get six more weeks of radiation. (And if anyone can give me a graphic for “cancerhog” I’d be deeply amused)

Now, while all of this is going on, CrabbyCancerMan’s Grandma is not feeling great.  She’s not young, and her body just isn’t cooperating with her the way she feels it should.  She’s tired a lot of the time, her blood pressure is high.   She’s been in and out of the hospital for the past several months as well (poor CrabbyCancerMom doesn’t get a break!).  Part of what makes it tricky is that she doesn’t really like western medicine.  She’s much more comfortable with the chiropractor/herbal remedy route.   Each week, she believes she’s found another cure – one week it’s royal jelly, the next week it’s St. John’s wort.  (For the moment, I’ll abstain from commentary about that) Even in her weakened state, she was kind enough to send a get well package, which included two books about, and one large tub of coconut oil, which of course will cure cancer.

Y’see, now that we’re entering round 2, lots of people have started to bring up alternative treatments.  Special diets have come up several times (some that exclude specific items, some that include others).  Reiki has, as well.  Massage, of course.  And others.  Me, I’m open to them as long as 1) they’re proven not to actively make things worse and 2)they’re not in lieu of more proven methods. But CrabbyCancerMan takes a harder line.  And that’s where xkcd comes in.

Summing it up in 3 panels

xkcd: Summing it up in 3 panels

Ladies and gentlemen: what CrabbyCancerMan thinks about “answers beyond science.”  Nicely done, xkcd.  Nicely done.