Back in February, my husband was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the throat.  Meaning, he had a cancer in the skin cells around his throat.  The whole thing was pretty dramatic, time consuming, and scary.

A week ago, they found another tumor.  It was removed on Friday (today is Monday).  So we find ourselves back in the saddle of more medical paperwork, tests, appointments, and having our lives owned by cancer.

This time, I’m not scared.  I’m just crabby.  Really, really, crabby.

My friends know me to be sweet and supportive.  In fact, I’ve built my career on nice.  But the time for that is over.  Cancer has unleashed my inner Kraken, spewing snark everywhere in its path.

It is my hope, dear readers, that you will find some amusement in my malevolent ramblings, and along the way, we might actually learn something together.